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We headed south on the Highway 40 for a few days of hiking in the Kananaskis Valley in hopes of finding some good light and a little adventure. With our bags packed, we headed up for South Opal Ridge. The night was cold enough to make our water bottles freeze and definitely made it difficult to crawl out of our warm sleeping bags. It all became worth it when I peaked out of the tent to see the sky ready to blow up with colour. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the hike!

The Great Ocean Road is full of amazing sights, one after the other. From Lorne to Port Campbell it seemed like we were pulling the car over every 2 minutes to stop and appreciate the view around each bend. As much as I enjoy the coastline, on this trip we were set out to see a side of the area which is a little less traveled. We set out inland heading to check out Lake Elizabeth and the many waterfalls of the Great Otway National Park. We had no expectations of any of these falls as the last few months of summer had been really dry, turning most of the falls into a small trickle of water. Despite the lack of water, these falls still blew us away!  Here’s a few of my favourite shots from our adventure.